Video of installation (1:52).
Emily Leach, Tributary
The word 'emotionalism' is projected on a wall.
Rendered in clear borosilicate glass, the word is kept in a shallow reservoir of water on an overhead projector. Droplets of water fall intermittently, causing wavelets to radiate across the surface.
Emily Leach, Tributary
The overhead projector sits in the corner of the room.
Emily Leach, Tributary (detail)
The ambient light from the overhead projector casts prisms and reflections on the wall and ceiling.
Emily Leach, Tributary (detail)
Water flows from the reservoir into a system of tubes and Arduino-controlled peristaltic pumps.
Borosilicate glass, distilled water, peristaltic pumps, Arduino, overhead projector.
2018 | Dimensions variable

Collaboration on design and fabrication: Ken Flanagan