Portrait of the artist, as seen refracted through a prism.
Emily Leach's creative practice and research focuses on blackness, bodies, (re)production, growth and language. Leach studies glass to consider the philosophies and strategies of optics. She is based in Madison, WI, where she earned a BFA ('19) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Leach concentrated in studio art and film & media studies at Swarthmore College.
Leach was recognized as one of the Madison Bridge Work Emerging Artists (2019-20) through Arts + Literature Laboratory. She has exhibited locally and nationally. In 2019, she was announced as a finalist for the first Forward Art Prize for visual artists in Dane County.
Leach's work has been published in New Glass Review and Gumbo Magazine.
  Encounters and Collisions
  Aborn Gallery, AS220, Providence, RI, Sept. 2020
  Reading the Sequence selected for New Glass Review 41
  Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, 2020
  Reminder (On the Cultivation of Decay)
  Art + Literature Lab, Madison, WI, Aug. 2020
curriculum vitae
  email: leachylime [at] gmail [dot] com
Updated 9/2020.