In a dark room, a tiny point of illumination floods onto the floor revealing handwriting written in light on a bed of powdered graphite. The room is smokey, making every beam of light as visible as strings.

In a dark room, a digital projector casts writing upon a bed of sifted graphite powder.

Fog illuminates the projection, visibly connecting the pinpoint of light in the drop-tile ceiling to the text on the poured concrete below.

White handwritten text, projected onto a black background.

Close-up of the handwriting and the powdered graphite.

Specific words and phrases stand out: "last prayers," "take care," "talented," and "good."

Cascading strings of light.

Beams of light.

A hand is reaching out, interrupting the beams. On the skin, you can read the fragments of phrases: "learned had a malignant."

An arm reaches out, blocking the projection.

On the skin, more fragments become visible: "learned," "had a malignant."

A detail of the light striking the ground.

Video of installation.

Digital projector, powdered graphite, black fabric curtains, fabricated ceiling tile, fog machine
2018 | Dimensions variable
Images: Ben Orozco