Emily Leach, Trace
In a dark room, a digital projector casts writing upon a bed of sifted graphite powder.
Fog illuminates the projection, visibly connecting the pinpoint of light in the drop-tile ceiling to the text on the poured concrete below.
Emily Leach, Trace (detail)
Close-up of the handwriting and the powdered graphite.
Certain words and phrases stand out: "last prayers," "take care," "talented," and "good."
Emily Leach, Trace (detail)
Beams of light.
Emily Leach, Trace (detail)
An arm reaches out, blocking the projection.
On the skin, more fragments become visible: "asked," "learned," and "had a malignant."
Emily Leach, Trace (detail)
A detail of the light striking the ground.
Video of installation (2:11).
Digital projector, powdered graphite, black fabric curtains, fabricated ceiling tile, fog machine.
2018 | Dimensions variable
Images: Ben Orozco