Video of installation.

Seen from the street directly below the window, neon text ("nothing will come of nothing") glows in what appears to be an office building.

This public art project was made possible by the support of StartingBlock Madison and the City of Madison's BLINK grant.

A busy city street, at night. One floor is illuminated by the white neon text.

Video of installation.

Footage taken during private viewing, in conjunction with MMoCA's Gallery Night.

The structure stands in an empty industrial room.

The neon text softens as it becomes obscured by the fog mechanism.

An earlier iteration of the project, installed in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Glass Lab's MicroGallery.

12mm glass filled with argon, fog, Arduino microcontroller, Raspberry Pi,
exhaust fans, wood and plexiglass structure
2018 | 24' x 7' x 4'
Images and early footage: Ben Orozco
Consultation: Ken Flanagan
Drone footage: Joey Godiska
Installation footage: Bryce Gildner