Installation shot.

A drafting table sits against the wall.

On the table is a technical drawing, with a magnifying loupe.

The drawing is an inventory of collected materials on the artist's desk (Figs. A and B), laptop (Fig. C), and phone (Fig. D).

Every item is numbered and accounted for in the key, located in the lower right hand corner of the diagram. These represent an accumulation of all the items read and unread in February 2019.

The viewer uses the loupe to examine the key of Inventory's diagram. A variety of subjects can be observed: "A Seat at the Table", "How to Toast Bread in a Conventional Oven", Artnet News, and so on.

The print has been drawn in multiple passes of white gel pen on black paper, using a CNC plotter to precisely render the digitally illustrated images and font.

Wooden desk, plotted pen on paper, loupe
2019 | 24” x 48” x 36”