A black horizontal plane cuts across the center of the image, suspended in mid-air with monofilament. Directly below the wooden board, a dense field of black powdered graphite mimics a shadow.

Looking down at the surface of the board, one notices text on the surface.

Bird's eye view.

Looking closely at the surface, grooves appear: text has been burned and carved into the surface.

The text begins: "March / Dear Pat / It was a pleasure seeing / last night". Certain words have been omitted.

At oblique angles, the sheen of the surface renders the text illegible.

According to the artist's system of redaction (anti-lipogram), the words which remain from the original text must contain the letters which represent the nucleobases of the DNA sequence (A, G, C and T.)

The wood's surface has been charred to a deep black, but the dense buildup of carbon preserves it.

From a distance, the board resembles a horizontal line.

Burned wood with pyrogravure details, graphite powder, monofilament.
2018 | 2’ x 4’ x 40"