Installation view.

Two fiber optic devices are suspended on either side of a pedestal, which contains a projector. The projector casts an image of the devices in use.

A long-exposure photograph of a figure surrounded by light.

The figure is encircled in beams and threads of light, generated from a fiber optic device on their hands.

Rear view of projector and suspended fiber optic devices.


The device includes an Arduino, powered by a battery, both mounted on EMS pads. LED lights and fiber optic cable are embedded in borosilicate tubes mounted on a glass knuckle ring. The cable passes through four knuckle rings, which the wearer can use to manipulate the movement of the light.

GIF from "Ghost in the Shell" (1995). Inspiration for project.

A cyborg with augmented fingers types rapidly at a computer.

Borosilicate glass, fiber-optic cable, arduino, LEDs, electrotherapy pads, projector
2017 | 5’ x 5’ x 5’