From a distance, privacy filters for standard computer monitors obscure the content of the three prints. Held at a roughly 45° angle, the privacy filters only reveal more information when the onlooker approaches.

The triptych is mounted to the wall, using black anodized aluminum rods and faceplates.

As the onlooker approaches, the privacy filters reveal white text on all three prints.

The prints reveal three versions of the same letter at different stages of redaction.

In addition to withholding information, the privacy filters act as a black mirror by reflecting the appearance of the reader.

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited via the x-chromosome, and used by genealogists to trace matrilineal history. This triptych demonstrates the methodology of redaction and erasure of the original text written by the artist’s maternal grandmother. 

The words that remain from the original text must contain one of the letters representing the nucleobases of the DNA sequence (A, G, C and T.)

Georges Perec and the Oulipo movement served as a point of inspiration for the constrained writing in this work.

Digital prints, privacy filters, glass, wood, anodized aluminum.
2019 | 52" x 21" x 18"